Juana's 2006!


Check this out!!!

Juana's topless? Not for long.

"The Best Hurricane Clips On The Beach",
Fabricated by Bill and Will Fairbanks.

Steve (Safety Engineer) cutting lumber milled
at Wilson Lumber.

Who's working here? Recognize anyone?

Tony, don't do it, don't jump!

Hurricane clips, with instructions?

Lots of bolts from Mark at Threaded Fastener.

No Parking. Thanks Sailors' Grill, we love you!

Jason, Bar Manager/Lull Operator, you're the best!

Working on a new ring for the rope.

Nice ring. Happy Valentine's Day.

Pole dancing.

Summer's coming.

That'll work.

Where's the Tiki bar?

More fun than a day at the beach!

Where's the hammer?

Who Juana play the Sunset Game?

Juana play the Ring Game?

Can't wait to be 50!!

Two to go.

End of day 6: Happy Valentine's Day from Juana's & Sailors' Grill.

Ready for the "tip bell".

Drill Master!

Beginning of another ring.

Great spot for a beach bar...nice view!

Stainless brackets for the second ring.

Hard day at work on the beach.

Happiness is having a day off.

A new bar game: How many bolts in this ring?

Ok, take tomorrow off.

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