2017 Champs

Fall League

Monday Mens Doubles High: Who Cares

Monday Mens Doubles Low: Wonder Twins

Monday Womens Doubles: Love, Sets & Magic

Tuesday B- 4's: Soft Serve

Tuesday Co-ed Doubles High: Here For The Beer

Tuesday Co-ed Doubles Low: I'd Hit That

Wednesday 4's B- High: B- Drunk/B+ High (AF)

Wednesday 4's B- Low: Merica!

Wednesday 4's B+ High: Teamn 200

Wednesday 4's B+ Low: Balls Deep

Thursday B+ 4's: Old Man And 3

Thursday Women's 4's Pearls: Pearl Jam

Thursday A/BB 4's: Boomsquad
Summer 2 League

Monday Mens Doubles High: Boomsquad

Monday Mens Doubles Low: Danno & Luke

Monday Womens Doubles: Ballin Bonitas

Tuesday 4's B-: Spike-o-logically Disturbed

Tuesday Co-ed Doubles Low: Still With A Stamey

Tuesday Co-ed High: Pug Muffins

Wednesday B- High: Sandy Cracks

Wednesday B- Low: Volleyballers

Wednesday B+ High: Juana See A Dic Pic

Wednesday B+ Low: Spike Turner

Thursday A/BB 4’s - Notorious D.I.G

Thursday B+ 4's: Registered Sets Offenders
Summer 1 League

Thursday BB 4's: Notorious D.I.G.

Thursday B+ 4's: Sugar Smacks

Wednesday B- High: K9 Bitches

Wednesday B- Low: Black 3's

Wednesday B+ High: 9 Balls and a Box

Wednesday B+ Low: Slap Jack

Monday Men's Doubles High:That's One Big Dink

Monday Men's Doubles Low: Docking Naked Otters

Monday Women's Doubles: Good Golly Ms Molly

Tuesday B- 4's: Vertically Challenged

Tuesday Co-ed Doubles High: The Millas

Tuesday Co-ed Doubles Low: Team Ibuprofen
Spring League

Monday Men's Doubles High: Bulldog Boomsquad

Monday Men's Doubles Low: PB and Kelly

Monday Women's Doubles: Vertically Challenged

Tuesday Co-ed Doubles High: Underage Ballers

Tuesday Co-ed Doubles Low: Gorillas in the Sand
Tuesday B- 4’s: Gone Fishing
(no picture because they left
as soon as game was over
because they were cold)

Wednesday B- High: Return of the Steve

Wednesday B- Low: K 9 Bitches

Wednesday B+ High: Sets on the Beach

Wednesday B+ Low: Willoughby Juana-be

Thursday B+ Co-ed 4's: Jimini Cricket

Thursday A/BB Co-ed 4's: Notorious D.I.G