2018 Champs

Fall League

Monday Womens Doubles - Setsy Beaches

Monday Mens Doubles High - Luke Skyballer

Monday Mens Doubles Low - No Diggity

Tuesday Coed Doubles Low - Hawaiian Sets Machine

Tuesday Coed 4’s B- Thats What She Set

Tuesday Coed Doubles High - Here For The Beer

Wednesday B + Low - Group Sets

Wednesday B+ High - Back Row Bitches

Wednesday B - High - Bushwackers

Wednesday B - Low - Setting Ducks

Thursday B + - Boom Bitches

Thursday BB/A 4’s - # Me Again
Summer 2 League

Monday Mens Doubles High - Glory Boyz

Monday Mens Low - Short But Slow

Monday Womens Doubles -
Double A’s Triple Threat

Tuesday Coed Doubles - High - Here For The Beer

Tuesday Coed Doubles Low -
Whiskey makes us Frisky

Tuesday B- 4’s - Bumpin Uglies

Wednesday B- High - 3 T’s 

Wednesday B+ Low - Off In Church

Wednesday B- Low - Sand In The Gears

Wednesday B+ High - The Fast Snach

Thursday B+ 4’s - Aqauaholics

Thursday BB/A 4’s - #Me
Summer 1 League

Monday Mens Doubles Low-Paul & Chris

Monday Womens Doubles-Gold Diggers

Monday Mens Doubles High-
Cut Shots & Hand Grenades

Tuesday B-4's - Diggers With Attitudes

Tuesday Coed Doubles High-
Bad Things Could Happen

Tuesday Coed Doubles Low- Cody Is Back

Wednesday B+ Low

Wednesday B+ High - Backrow Bitches

Wednesday B- Low - Here For The Beer

Wednesday B- High - 5 Fireballs & The Captain

Thursday Pearls 4's - Beachwenches

Thursday B+ - You've Been Served

Thursday BB/A 4's - Limp Richards
Spring League

Monday Mens Doubles High: Boomsquad

Monday Mens Doubles Low: Bump, Set, Damn

Monday Womens Doubles: I'd Hit That

Tuesday B- 4's: Bumpin Uglies

Tuesday Co-ed Doubles Low: Luke & Filicity

Tuesday Co-ed Doubles High: The Millers

Wednesday B+ Low: Block Party

Wednesday B- Low: Sketchies

Wednesday B+ High: Kung Pao Crackers

Wednesday B- High: Barefoot Bandits

Thursday Pearls: Chi Chi's

Thursday B+ 4's: The Funtastic Five

Thursday BB/A 4's: Notorious D.I.G.