2019 Champs

Summer 2 League

Monday Womens Low Doubles - The Minors

Monday Mens High Doubles - We never pull (out)

Monday Mens Low Doubles - Balls in yo face

Monday Womens High Doubles - Dolls w/Balls

Tuesday Coed High - Lukaylah

Tuesday Coed Low - #37

Tuesday B- 4’s - Trend Setters

Wednesday B- Low - No shoes nation

Wednesday B+ Low - Soft Serve

Wednesday B+ High - WTF even are Kuttin Kooters

Wednesday B- High - Thats what she set

Thursday B- “Margarita Thursday Crew”

Thursday B+ “Mine, Mine, Mine”

Thursday BB/A “Combination Fried Rice”
Summer 1 League

Monday Women Low: Vols & Zags

Monday Women High: Peanut Butter and Kelly

Monday Mens High: Team Humble

Monday Mens Low: Seriously Michelle’s Favs!

Tuesday Coed 2’s Low: Sets In All The Wrong Places

Tuesday Coed 2’s High: Obnoxiously Loud

Tuesday B- 4’s: Irish Boricuas

Wednesday B- 4's Low: Sketchies

Wednesday B+ 4's Low: Juana B’s

Wednesday B+ 4's High: Back Row Bitches

Wednesday B- 4's High: Free Ballin’

Thursday B-: Just An Excuse To Drink

Thursday B+: 3 Dudes n Sammie

Thursday BB/A 4’s: Fat Kid Friendly
Spring League

Monday Womens 2’s - Lovely Lady Bumps

Monday Mens 2’s Low - Grandpa is busy on Tuesdays

Monday Mens 2’s High - Keep serving Luke

Tuesday Coed B- 4s - Where’s Jake?

Tuesday Coed 2’s - Low- Tator Tots

Tuesday Coed 2’s - High- We won’t Terriyaki!

Wednesday B- High - Kiss My Ace

Wednesday B- Low - Empire Spikes Back

Wednesday B+ Low - Sets on the Beach 4

Wednesday B+ High -Vicious and Delicious

Thursday  BB/A - Not Milf Hunters

Thursday B+ - Barefoot Bandits