2021 Champs

Spring League

Monday Mens Doubles Low:
Dangling Participles

Monday Womens Doubles:
Washed up and Knocked up

Monday Mens Doubles High:
Just Digging Around

Tuesday Co-ed High:
Cherry Pipe Bombs

Tuesday Co-ed Low:
MC….Hammer Time 

Tuesday B+/B- 4’s:
Couples Therapy

Wednesday B- 4’s High:
Sandy Gears

Wednesday B+ 4’s Low:
Balls Deep

Wednesday B+ 4’s High:
Suck It Damron

Wednesday B- 4’s Low:

Thursday BB/A 4’s:
Foot Fault

Thursday B+/B- 4’s:
Mine, Mine, Mine
Winter League

Monday Women's 2's: That's What She Set

Sorry, no photo (brrr!)

Monday Men's 2's: Just Digging Around

Monday Co-ed: Set It And Forget It

Tuesday BB/A 4's:e Sandspurs

Tuesday B+ 4's: Two Bump Chumps